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Cash Flow Analytics provides proprietary quantitative and qualitative research and analysis solutions. Based on the innovative research of Dr. Charles Mulford, CPA, our solutions enable our clients to better analyze, assess and predict a company's cash flow, earnings and financial position to determine the value of the company.

About Us

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03/03/15 CFO.com
Obama Cut Would Slash Deferred Tax Liabilities, Study Finds
12/23/14 Compliance Weekly
SEC Nudges Companies on Cash Flows
12/05/14 Fierce CFO
FX's growing impact on cash flow hidden from view
10/22/14 Fierce CFO
Why Amazon may be a Ponzi scheme
09/30/14 CFO.com
The Black Hole of Restricted Cash
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About Us
Visit our online library to gain access to our white paper, corporate brochure, sample reports, presentations, Research Spotlights, and other publications. Registered, logged in users have access to our complete library while guests have access to a limited selection. We also have an online glossary of terms.

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